Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Test your English

Dialang is a software that allows you to test your English knowledge in five different skills, and it reports your level against the European Framework for Language Learning.

You can download it here, and by taking the test, you will have a better idea of how you are doing, the areas you need to work harder on, or what you are best at.

(Notice the warning about Dialang server being offline from 4 to 7 March)


Miguel said...

Well, it seems to be still down the Dialang server because it 'won't work' ;-) the connection. They were run out of electricity until 7th March but the shortage still remains. Hopefully the problem will be fixed soon but meanwhile we will keep evaluating our skills with 'Laura dialang' method ;-)

Laura said...

Well, I hope it works soon, in any case, the one I have already installed in my computer works. The test is fun doing, and it is a good way to get accurate feedback on your skills, sometimes I am a bit biased in my judgments :-D.