Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Winners of the Writing contest II

BIKING IN MOROCCO - Jacobo Asensio, Intermedio 1

In the summer two years ago I achieved one of my dreams combining travel with my partner and sport.

In September 2008 my girlfriend and I took off from Madrid and landed in Marrakech with our mountain bikes to live a wonderful adventure, crossing part of Morocco by bike.

For six days and five hundred kilometers we biked across the Atlas Mountains. In the course we visited some villages where poverty was present, but despite of it their inhabitants always gave us their food and offered their hospitality.

We were very surprised because although they lived in very bad conditions, there were many smiling children, and when we went out of the villages they ran behind the bikes to say goodbye and then a smile was painted in our faces.

Finally the last day we arrived to the Sahara Desert biking in the same place where the pilots of the famous rally named Paris-Dakar drive. It was a special feeling riding on the dunes, besides, it is very difficult because the wheel sinks into the sand.

As you can see in the picture, only for the panoramic it is worth the hard work with the mountain bike.


Miguel A. (Advanced I) said...

Amazing picture. I love it! I like very much mountain biking too, and I would like to have an experience like yours someday. Congratulations!

Laura said...

Yeah! and that's not the one he gave for the contest. Jacobo, please, send me THE picture!